Next book for 2012 – money permitting

My next book is almost “ready to go.” I just have to get a professional critique before I go to print (2012). I’ll then make any changes if I agree with the comments. (Objectivity is a good thing but ultimately decisions are mine – that’s the beauty and sometimes the downside of self-publishing, depending on how good your judgement is.) Then it’s back into the schools to read the story to children, teachers and librarians AGAIN to ensure it gets the reactions I’m looking for.

Then I need to find an illustrator. The search begins now. The work begins when I have money to pay. (Unless of course someone wants to do it for the experience.  Any takers? No, thought not.)

The new book is about a woman who has 3 cats, a dog, a bunny and a parrot. [Is this another autobiography (see The Kit Kat Caper)?] She treats them like her babies! After an unpleasant visit from a neighbour (what did the dog do-doodoo?), Miss Katz heads to the grocery store and zoo, animals in tow. And just like children, they get into all sorts of trouble.

Stay tuned for updates. This sixth book will be about the same family. I wish I could do two books a year. Maybe one day in the future. ( Big sigh.)

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